"Do you remember a moment you felt completely free?"

As a child, I raced around my neighborhood on my ten-speed at dusk, pumping pedals in even cadence, arms spread wide. My parents called me in as the sun disappeared, but I would linger. Each time I met God in the secret place, I was free. Yet over time, my zeal was replaced by the hamster wheel of achievement. I bought the lie that love could be earned, and my worth depended on the approval of others. I hustled and chased life by the tail, desperate to keep up.

Christ doesn’t say you can be or may be or will be free. He says you are free.

Dare you believe it?

In You Are Free, Rebekah invites you to:

  • Overcome the exhaustion of meeting others expectations and rest in the joy of God’s freedom.
  • Release stress and anxiety to uncover the peace that comes from abiding in God’s presence.
  • Find permission to grieve past disappointments and find strength in your journey toward healing.
  • Throw off self-condemnation, masks of perfection, and step boldly into God’s purpose for you.
  • Discover the courage to begin again and use your newfound freedom to set others free.
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