The Broken + Free Tour

I recently launched the Freedom Challenge and was able to sit down and catch up with my good friend, Ann. I asked her, “What does freedom mean to you?”

As we discussed the effect of brokenness, and its impact on our freedom, she quickly reminded me of something profound: 

Don’t be afraid of broken things…because Christ is redeeming everything.

There is no growth without change, no change without surrender, no surrender without wound—no abundance without breaking. In the words of Ann's farmer husband, "the seed breaks to give us the wheat, the soil breaks to give us the crop, the sky breaks to give us the rain, the wheat breaks to give us the bread, the bread breaks to give us the feast." 

Ann continued, "wounds are what break open the soul to plant the seeds of a deeper growth. Us farmers know it: For a seed to come fully into its own, it must become wholly undone. The shell must break open, its insides must come out, and everything must change. If you didn’t understand what life looks like, you might mistake it for complete destruction."

We break, to become abundant.

We break, to become free. 

I went back to the pages of scripture, which assured me that we are to live as people who are free (1 Peter 2:16-17) because Christ has already set us free (Galatians 5:1), and gave us the Spirit to keep us free (2 Cor 3:17). Further, Jesus declared a kingdom come—a kingdom of complete freedom—here on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10), and Paul teaches that this kingdom power lives in us (Romans 8:11). This means even in our feeble weakness, if we claim Christ and his resurrection, somehow we are God’s agents who carry freedom to the world.

Think of the moments in your life where your broken heart felt like the end, and all you felt was the throbbing ache of your fracture. But in reality, it cracked your heart wide open to a new possibility, a fresh surrender to a plan other than your own. 

Freedom comes when we know God is enough, when he is our everything. When he is our peace and our strength, joy, and rest. Our provision, healer, hope, fortress, shelter, strong tower, and Father. Freedom reveals everything good is from him and by him and for him. Every breath we take, every person we encounter, every word we utter, is all an expression of a freedom where God dwells in us and loves through us? What if we became this kind dwelling place? 

Freedom brings vitality—recovering your truest self. And as you become free, you’ll help set others free. 

What if there was an evening that’s like handing you own keys to break free?

One night that’s a gift to you: to break you free from the fears, from the weight, from the pressure, from the stranglehold of all the things.

Think exhale. Think holy space. Think candles. Think more Jesus.

Christy, Ann and I, we’re so excited! Do we get to exhale relief & inhale breaking free with you?

I want to invite you to one night of worship and healing. One night to be reminded that God binds our broken hearts and sets the captives free.

Will you join myself, Ann Voskamp, and Christy Nockels as we hit the road on the Broken and Free Tour? 

We’d love to meet you & live Broken Free:

  • Winterville, NC: Reimage Church, Thursday Feb 23rd 7pm ET

  • Nashville, TN: Christ Presbyterian Church, Friday Feb 24th 7pm ET

  • Memphis, TN: Trinity Baptist Church, Saturday Feb 25th 7pm ET

  • Sugar Land, TX: Sugar Land Baptist Church, Sunday Feb 26th 7pm CT

  • Arlington, TX: Lamar Baptist Church, Tuesday Feb 28th 7pm CT

  • Tulsa, OK: Evergreen Baptist Church, Wednesday March 1st 7pm CT

  • Leawood, KS: Christ Community Church, Thursday March 2nd 7pm CT

  • Eau Claire, WI: Calvary Baptist Church, Saturday March 4th 7pm CT

  • Chicago, IL: Harvest Bible Church, Sunday March 5th 6pm CT

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