Strength & Dignity Video Study


Many of us journeyed together this summer, taking 10 days to discover more about rest. It has been a challenging reminder-- I can't run my race without rest. I learned many of you feel the same, sharing your stories throughout the series. Thank you. I want you to know I have heard you and am back with more.

Since you have joined in one of my past studies or books, I wanted to offer this new, free study to you first, before it launches it publicly Monday, September 25th!

It's titled, Strength and Dignity; Facing Fear With A Power Beyond Your Own.

If you are tired of being afraid...

If you feel a little burnt out...

If you're ready to drop trying to get it perfect...

Welcome to the club. I am with you and for you, and most importantly, I believe Jesus wants to meet us and liberate us in these places.

P.S. As a BONUS, when you sign up today, you will immediately receive a gorgeous print by @aedriel to encourage and remind you of one of our core scriptures in this study.

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