Be, Still, and Know - Free Study

There was time in my life—many times in my life, honestly—where the old Rebekah believed that hard work and a fast pace would keep God close. If I was to serve my Lord and be faithful in ministry, I had to be excellent at work, push myself at writing, organize our family, pour into leaders, create a cozy home, go, go, go.

I was exhausted. In my mistaken understanding of what makes a purposeful life, I’d worn myself ragged.

All I wanted in those days was to be fresh, energized, and rested. I wished that I could start over, that I could go back to the season before I’d been used up and completely spent. I needed renewal.

Maybe you, like me, need a daily reminder to pause. And breathe. And remind ourselves to find our confidence, purpose, rest, and freedom in a God who has it all under control.

I've put together a free 3-week series called Be, Still, and Know to help you find the permission to rest in God’s unchanging power and discover your true identity in Christ.

I'll send each devotional straight to your inbox and each day will feature a verse, encouragement for you to consider, questions for reflection and an image to share! The study is divided into 3 sections (1- Be, 2- Still, and 3- Know). You'll receive 5 days of content for each section including a summary video on the 5th day. 

Will you join me? You can sign up for this free study here!

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