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You Are Free is one girl's story of being found by a Savior who said, “You are free,” and she finally believed it.

In the past year since #YouAreFreeBook released, many of you have sent me your freedom stories. Our team has prayed, cried, and laughed in delight for the many ways God is setting you FREE! He never leaves us where we are, there is always more available to a willing heart.

My hope for each of us is to believe that every recess of our hearts; doubts, fears, addictions, insecurities and more; can be redeemed by the light of Christ. May Jesus be glorified in the fullest part of our lives, so we become free to set free!

To an entire community finding freedom together, I'd love to celebrate #YouAreFreeBook turning ONE by highlighting YOU. Scripture says the enemy is bound by Christ' blood and our testimony, what better way to encourage each other than to share what God continues to do!

So, I'd love to hear from you. Just share what freedom looks like, and how God is bringing that to you!

Much love,


What does freedom mean to you?

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